5 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games to Play With Your Friends

5 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games to Play With Your Friends

Your phone may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t play the best multiplayer mobile games. These five titles are perfect to play with your friends and teammates, even if you’re far apart! If you don’t have anyone to play with right now, then you can use these games as an opportunity to make new friends. Best of all, these games are free, so you don’t need to spend any money to start playing right away!

1) The Next Candy Crush
Candy Crush isn’t what it used to be, and other mobile games have surpassed it. The days of multi-day fun sessions are gone, with most players now playing only when they can spare a few minutes here and there. But if you haven’t yet tried any of these 5 best multiplayer mobile games, we highly recommend them. And before you ask: yes, we tried all five of these on Android phones with our friends who play daily on iPhone. All five work great cross-platform! Here’s our list

2) Bingo Blitz for an Addictive Spin on the Classic Game
If you’re a fan of card games, Bingo Blitz is a great way to spend some time—and maybe even win some real money. It’s also one of those mobile games that lends itself well to multiplayer play. The game is easy enough for casual gamers and can be played anywhere you have access to your smartphone. Best of all, it comes with fun social features, such as chat functionality, leaderboards and more. Whether you’re playing alone or against friends, Bingo Blitz is a terrific option for taking advantage of your downtime in between work projects or appointments.

3) Forge of Empires, a Real-Time Strategy Game That Works Offline
Unlike other games that require you to be connected at all times, Forge of Empires allows you a chance to leave behind your phone and play away from Wi-Fi. The game works without a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, but only if you’ve built up enough reserves of energy to survive offline mode. If you don’t have enough energy and choose yes when asked if you want to go offline, then your game will end immediately. When it comes back online again, you’ll notice that some buildings will be randomly destroyed (any production buildings will not be destroyed), but otherwise your progress remains intact for when you rejoin later on.

4) Snoopy Pop, A Colorful Platformer For iPhone & Android
Bloons TD Battles is an addictive puzzle game that requires you to match colors of blocks in order to pop them and earn points. At first, you’ll be able to make matches of three or more, which may seem simple—but later levels require lightning-fast reflexes and careful planning. Once you figure out how best multiplayer mobile games get going, you can join up with your friends and play together. This game is a must-play for fans of strategy puzzle games and those who love unlocking new content over time. Plus, it will never cost you a dime; the entire experience can be played without spending a single cent.

5) Bloons TD Battles, An Addictive Puzzle Game That Gets Better Over Time
Bloons TD Battles is a tower defense game that pits you against other players in real-time. You place various units on an ever-advancing map, and try to outscore your opponents. As it progresses, you earn more powerful weapons. It’s a pretty simple concept for a mobile game (not unlike another bloon-popping favorite of mine, Bloons TD 5) but with how frequently it updates with new characters and levels, there’s always something new to do in Bloons TD Battles . That might sound like I’m saying it’s only fun if you’re one of those rare gamers who checks their phone every five minutes.