8 Best Android Games to Play Offline

8 Best Android Games to Play Offline

How many times have you wished you could play your favorite Android games even when there’s no WiFi or cell signal around? Whether you’re taking the bus to work or hiking through the woods, sometimes the best apps are the ones that take up little space on your device and don’t need an internet connection to be enjoyed. These 8 best Android games to play offline will give you hours of fun on your mobile device, whether you have a data connection or not!

1) Minecraft
Minecraft, by Mojang, was recently released on mobile. The sandbox game has been a favorite among gamers for years because of its open-ended gameplay and its encouragement of creativity. Since it’s cross-platform, players can jump from computer to tablet without missing a beat. It’s also an offline game (yes!), so they can take their building on the go. Plus, you have access to mods so you can tweak your Minecraft experience in any way you want. I’m not sure there are many games as versatile as Minecraft is right now—I mean, it just won an Emmy! If you like games that let you build things or set goals for yourself, then get ready for Minecraft—you don’t even need Wi-Fi!

2) Color Switch
It’s no secret that most smartphones can play mobile games, but you may be surprised at how good many of these games are. Basketball is a favorite in any realm, and NBA Jam isn’t just one of the best basketball video games—it’s one of top-rated sports games overall. The graphics have been updated over time (the original game came out in 1993), but gameplay has remained largely unchanged since its inception: two teams go head-to-head with players that get bigger as they score points and then, if needed, randomly select from special characters like Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain.

3) NBA Jam
The arcade classic NBA Jam recently made its way back onto mobile devices, bringing with it all of its over-the-top, 90s basketball glory. The game looks as it did twenty years ago, but thanks to improved controls and touch screen capabilities it’s a much better experience now than ever before. If you love old school hoops action and would rather play by yourself than against other people (or if you simply can’t get a signal in your basement) then give NBA Jam a shot. It costs just a buck in Google Play or Apple’s App Store!

4) Tetris 99
Okay, so you don’t have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi—but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a great mobile game. Tetris 99 is free on both iOS and Android and lets players battle each other in a unique twist on one of gaming’s oldest titles. You can play alone or with friends; best of all, you don’t need an Internet connection to start playing right away. It won’t be as exciting as an online battle royale, but if your kids love Tetris like mine do, they will definitely get their money’s worth out of it.

5) Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a puzzle game where you play as a silent princess guiding her tribe on a 2D journey through magical architecture. It’s one of those experiences that really blows your mind, but it might be something you’d rather take for a test drive before paying for it. Grab it here: Monument Valley ($3)

6) Dark Souls
If you haven’t played Dark Souls, you need to. One of my favorite games, it’s a challenging and rewarding experience that’s based on action-RPG gameplay. It revolves around an open world where multiple enemies stalk you at all times, forcing you to either fight or run away until they die or disappear. Playing offline ensures that your hero never needs to catch a break during their quest. Whether playing online is more fun than playing offline is up for debate; what’s not up for debate is how much better Demon Souls and Dark Souls are when played alone. Regardless of whether you choose to play against other players or not, learning how best to handle combat and dangerous monsters with nothing but yourself and a controller makes every victory feel even sweeter.

7) Badland
From what I’ve heard from fellow gamers, Badland is one of those titles that you don’t want to play in public. The graphics are incredible and it’s difficult enough that even a seasoned gamer will need a few tries (or several) before making their way through a level. To top it off, Badland is offline. This means that once you open up your game, you can only access it using WiFi or mobile data; there is no online option at all. This keeps our data usage low and prevents us from having to deal with spotty connections while we are on-the-go.

8) Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter is a mobile game released by Bethesda Softworks in 2015, set in their popular Fallout universe. Although it is free to play, there are in-app purchases available for additional content and boosts. In Fallout Shelter, you build and manage your own vault. Your goal is simply to survive as long as possible; gameplay involves expanding your vault, hiring and leveling up staff members, collecting resources, increasing your population and keeping everyone alive. After its release on iOS devices (and later Steam), Fallout Shelter became extremely popular due to its addictive nature; players liked not only trying their hand at building an underground vault but also saw value in watching their progress over time.