8 Best Free Mobile Games That You Can’t Miss

8 Best Free Mobile Games That You Can’t Miss

We’ve compiled the best mobile games you can play without spending any money, ranging from action platformers to shooters and everything in between. These are the 8 best free mobile games that you can’t miss!

1) My Kingdom for the Princess
Super addictive and great for short bursts of play, My Kingdom for The Princess is a free android game that’s ideal for anyone who wants to try their hand at a simulation. Set in medieval times, you can start building your own kingdom, choosing from an array of characters and objects along with places to explore. Gamers must carefully allocate funds and add new buildings. As players complete quests, they get rewarded with coins which are necessary to make upgrades or purchase items. An interesting tip: If you go into safe mode during gameplay by holding down on menu while your character is moving around then you will be able to fly over obstacles!

2) I Must Run!
When it comes to free games for Android, there are plenty of options to pick from; however, I Must Run! is arguably one of best. The game features a castle being overtaken by enemies and it’s up to you to prevent that from happening by jumping across bridges and collecting coins. In order to jump over gaps in a bridge, you have to tap on your screen. Once you’ve completed a level, you can continue playing or run through your score again in order to obtain even higher scores. One feature that really makes I Must Run! fun is its multiplayer mode, where you can play with other players online in real time and compete against each other in order to get bigger scores than them. It’s worth mentioning that I Must Run!

3) Badland
First up on our list of great mobile games for Android is Badland. It’s a brilliant side-scrolling survival game in which you maneuver a little cartoonish creature through a series of platforms, constantly ducking out of harms way and collecting power-ups and other items. Gameplay is challenging, but responsive, and it has excellent graphics with some really cool 3D effects. And did we mention it’s free? If you like it, be sure to check out Badland 2 as well!

4) Ski Safari 2
With over 230,000 downloads since its release, Ski Safari 2 is one of those games that manages to offer something new even though it’s a sequel. The game transports you to Australia where, unlike in Europe and North America, snow season is year-round! There are plenty of jumps and hills to try out your tricks on in three different areas – all with a day/night cycle for maximum fun. As an added bonus, you can play against people from around the world through their Facebook accounts. Download it now for free on iPhone and iPad.

5) Treasures of Montezuma 3
It may be winter, but there’s no need to hibernate. With Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight you can bring Olaf and his pals into your life, on a day-to-day basis. After falling through Elsa’s Ice Palace and discovering that she is creating a snowman army (which has been taken over by her sister), players have to blast their way through levels of epic snowball fights against Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and Hans. As players progress they will earn special powers including ice bombs and blizzards which will help them defeat their enemies. With beautiful graphics and easy game play Frozen fans won’t want to miss out on these fun games.

6) Knife Hit
This simple, but addictive game will test your hand-eye coordination as you spin and slice fruit in an attempt to get a high score. If a knife touches a fruit you’ll have three seconds to re-spin that fruit or lose it. There are multiple game modes with leaderboards for each, including one where you simply try not to lose your knives. Knife Hit is free on iOS and Android with in-app purchases for upgrades if you want an added challenge.

7) Frozen Free Fall – Snowball Fight
From Disney comes a new game called Frozen: Free Fall, in which you have to join Anna, Elsa and Olaf on an adventure. Set up ice towers to block and knock out your opponents before they reach you. This is fun for players of all ages!

8) Pinball Arcade
It’s not a true arcade experience, but Pinball Arcade comes as close as possible while still remaining on your mobile device. Despite losing a bit of visual fidelity, you’ll have access to most of your favorite pinball tables in one place. The downside is that you won’t get to walk up and down aisles looking for new games or have someone next to you feeding coins into their machine. Regardless, it’s still one of best free games out there. If you’re looking for more classic table options, check out Zen Pinball on PS4. Microsoft has its own collection of (admittedly less robust) Xbox Live Arcade titles for Windows 10 devices.