Maritime Lawyer New Orleans

If you are a marine worker in New Orleans or anywhere else in Louisiana waters, you are likely protected by the Jones Act and/or other federal laws that outline the steps necessary to receive the compensation you are entitled to after a marine operation. … Whether it’s an offshore oil rig or a barge on a waterway, if you’re in an offshore workers’ compensation accident, how you get injured can affect the type of claim you can file and the type of reimbursement. You have the right. Offshore and offshore platform injury law is very specific and complex.   

The level of commitment and experience required to successfully handle a personal injury case under the Jones Act or maritime law can only be provided by an experienced and dedicated maritime or platform personal injury attorney. If you work in this complex industry, you need to make sure you have access to an experienced maritime accident lawyer who can help you in the event that you become seriously ill or injured in connection with your duties.   

Maritime work is dangerous work, full of dangers on the water, on ships and in ports. Since seafarers work in high risk environments, it is not surprising that there are many laws and regulations that govern their safety. 

Maritime and admiralty law covers a wide range of situations such as cruise ships and their passengers, sailors, oil rig workers and even boaters. It is because of this specificity that you want to work with lawyers who understand these complex laws and are active in admiralty, maritime and casualty cases. If you are a seafarer and have been injured in a marine accident, oil rig, port or other maritime incident, contact our maritime law firm today for the legal help you need. To file a personal injury claim with our maritime law firm, contact us today and get the representation you deserve. Call (225) 228-3450 to discuss your case with an Ascension County maritime attorney in our office so you can receive compensation for your injury. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for compensation under Louisiana Federal Admiralty and Maritime Law, call our professional New Orleans maritime lawyers at 800-773-6770 or fill out the online contact form for advice. By calling our office at 800-773-6770 and speaking with a Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP New Orleans maritime attorney, you can better understand your rights and options under the Jones Act and other maritime laws

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