Android Games Download: The Top 5 Games of 2022

Android Games Download: The Top 5 Games of 2022

New games are released every day, and it can be hard to keep up with all of them, let alone anticipate which ones will become the most popular in the future. However, there are always some games that just seem like they’re going to be huge—so big that you can almost feel them coming. These top five android games are our picks for 2022’s most popular titles—ones that every player will want to experience as soon as they come out, and which you’ll still be playing and talking about years from now.

1) Game #1 – SelfieWorld
People in 2022 are obsessed with taking selfies and posting them on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. To fill a growing demand for instant selfies, gaming studios have been cranking out more selfie-based games that let you take pictures of yourself while playing. SelfieWorld has been downloaded on over 2 billion phones since it launched in 2026 and it’s still one of Google Play’s top-rated games . . . about 100 years after its initial release! Players can create their own avatar, dress them up in different outfits, and then head out into a virtual world to unlock new clothes by snapping pics of themselves at different check points throughout a city.

2) Game #2 – Planet Awesome
Planet Awesome is a brand new game with an exciting take on space exploration. The objective is to colonize planets in order to grow your empire and expand throughout all of space. On each planet, you’ll find extremely friendly life forms which are eager to join your team. They will boost your experience and allow you to grow at an exponential rate! With elements from classic games like SimCity, you’ll be able to design cities that reach across miles and miles of land. Planet Awesome is set for release late in 2021 and will be a game-changer for android games download in 2022!

3) Game #3 – FarmVille
This game has been around for a long time and you would think it would be worn out by now, but it’s still hugely popular. It’s just addicting and keeps people entertained for hours. FarmVille 2 doesn’t come out until 2021 so currently, farmville is more popular than ever. From there on however, things only get better. And android games download 2022 provide interesting news about android games download wiki , apk , hack & cheat , best android games under 20$.

4) Game #4 – Long Distance Relationship – 80s Rock Band
A game in which you play a touring rock band. Touring consists of staying in different cities to earn money and experience points by playing gigs. During each tour, you’ll meet other characters, including other bands and fans (which are non-player characters), with whom you can interact using dialogue trees. Each tour will have ten possible gigs to play; some may be available for a few days, others for only one night. Different cities will offer different amounts of money depending on demand from local fans and how much you need to get back on your feet after that last show at Dave’s Bar & Grill . Cities further away will pay more than small towns, but if you’re strapped for cash, playing gigs closer to home won’t hurt your band’s popularity.

5) Game #5 – Candy Crush 3D
Candy Crush 3D is one of those games that people will always enjoy. It’s a classic puzzle game and has been downloaded in app stores for years now. This particular version, Candy Crush 3D, was released just two years ago in 2020 and garnered an impressive amount of downloads and became a worldwide phenomenon. With each successive year, Candy Crush 3D gets more exciting and addictive as each level releases progressively harder game play. By 2022, Candy Crush 3D will be at its peak with a total download count exceeding 25 billion by 2022. That year it will be recognized as one of humanity’s greatest achievements in gaming history.