Earn ₹15000 Every Month by Playing Free Fire & PUBG Game | How To earn Money By Playing Games

Hello friends, today I will teach you how to earn ₹ 15000 from ₹ 10000 a month by playing games like Free Fire, PUBG, BGMI, Call of Duty etc. From your mobile Phone.

I will teach you this process in 3 steps so that you can understand easily.

Step 1. To earn money by playing games from mobile phone, we will need an application called Rooter: Watch Gaming & Esports this application has recently completed 50 million downloads and in this happiness they A fund of Rs 124 crore has been released, in which all the creators who play games and live stream in this app will get a fixed salary every month, starting from ₹ 7000 to ₹ 15000. And in this app, currently big gaming YouTube creators are doing live, who have more than 10 million subscribers in YouTube, they also earn money every month by doing live stream on it, but they have more audience, so their salary is also more. If you want to become a fresh new gamer and streamer, then this app will prove to be a good opportunity for you, in which you will be able to learn an experience of live stream and at the same time you will get a good salary from which you can withdraw your small expenses or You can use that budget to improv your gaming setup this app is a good opportunity for those who are beginner gamer in this app how to fill form for live stream and how you will get apoorval everything process i will teach you my stick with.

Step 2. In this application, before applying live stream form, you have to create your profile, let’s teach you how to make it, first of all you have to open your mobile’s play store, if you have an iPhone, then you have to open the app store, after that play store I also search the same thing in appstore Rooter: Watch Gaming & Esports this application you will get to see it both in app store and play store it has more than 50 million downloads of operation so check that thing after that this application Download it from there to your mobile, then you open this app and sign up with your mobile number, then you will get the option of the bottom side profile, click on the option of that profile and there you will see your profile as a Customizing well, in which you have a good name of your own, if you have created anything on your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, there you give links and link them together, in this way you have to customize your good profile. After that you have to save then I will give you the link of a form from which you will apply for livestream in this app.

Rooter App Live Stream Apply From – Rooter Live Stream Program

Step 3. Also know what are the things to be kept in mind at the time of applying the form, in the form you will be asked for your name, you have to enter the same name which you have put in the router app’s profile and apart from that you will get the link of YouTube, Instagram, Will ask to enter the same link which is inserted in the profile of your router, apart from this you will be asked whether you have a PC or not, so if you have a PC, if you want to stream live from it, then click on Yash and other wise. If you don’t have PC then you click on no it will mean that you have a mobile and you want to stream live from it and you have that passion and passion, apart from that you will be asked one more question Whether you have a webcam or not, you answer yes, I have a webcam, because friends, the policy of this application is that when you do livestream, it is necessary to see your face, that’s why you enable the webcam and when you use this app I get approval, after that you buy this webcam from the market, which costs from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000, then you may have to make a small investment. Just keeping these things in mind, fill this form completely and click on the submit button, after that you have to wait for 2 to 3 days from the router app team on the same number from which you signed up in the router application. One of the agents will contact you on WhatsApp if you are eligible to live stream

Friends, I hope that from this forum you will get a golden opportunity to live stream in Rooter App and you can learn some experience from it and you can move forward and in this way keep moving the Indian gaming community forward, apart from this, anything in this process If there is a problem, then do comment below this blog post, so that I can understand that thing and you can find a solution for you. Thank you friends.