GTA 6: How We Expect the New Game to Look

GTA 6: How We Expect the New Game to Look

What does the next installment of Grand Theft Auto look like? It’s not just a rhetorical question—we have some ideas, and we’re going to tell you what they are! So let’s take a close look at what GTA 6 will probably look like when it hits the shelves sometime in 2021.

What we know so far
With GTA 5 still fresh, it’s hard to imagine what GTA 6 might be like. Rockstar has promised that we won’t see a GTA 6 for at least two more years. However, based on what we know about previous games in the series, plus expert speculation and hints from experts and insiders, here’s how we expect (and hope) GTA 6 will look. Although if rumors are true, it might not look anything like that.

Where it will be set
GTA 5 is set in Los Santos, a fictional city based on real-life Southern California locations and other places around there. It’s a huge world and we expect GTA 6 will be bigger still, which could see it being set further into America or even – shock horror – other countries. While we don’t know for sure what will happen, what with Rockstar keeping things so close to their chest, my hope is that it expands on GTA Online rather than telling more of Michael and Trevor’s tale. As much as I liked those characters and their stories, GTA Online is where it’s at for me and I think everyone else. So how about some solo stuff but with heists? Yeah, let’s do that…

What to expect in terms of game play
Depending on which report you believe, GTA 6 will be set in either North Yankton (GTA 5’s state setting), Vice City, Liberty City or San Andreas. In each case, fans can expect a detailed version of their favorite location; it’s unlikely we’ll see any radical changes here, but rather improvements and graphical tweaks. The primary exception here is San Andreas, where fans can expect new locations added—such as Las Venturas. A recent patent filed by Rockstar suggests that gamers may even find themselves hopping between a number of different maps during missions. GTA 5 featured multiple countries for example—presumably to accommodate limited memory capabilities with PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Specific things we want (and don’t want!) from the new game
a huge and exciting world, realistic characters with loads of voice lines, lots of activities that are fun even when you’re not on a mission (dance parties in nightclubs, hitchhiking or throwing cars into an airport tarmac), and a fast-paced storyline that doesn’t interrupt your ability to explore. It’s hard for any developer or publisher to live up to their audience’s expectations—but if anyone can do it, we think Rockstar will make another killer game. Which other properties would be interesting for Rockstar Games? Well…there’s always HBO…