The 10 Best Free Mobile Games You Need to Play Right Now

The 10 Best Free Mobile Games You Need to Play Right Now

The app store offers thousands of games that all have one thing in common: they’re completely free to play! The best part? You can play them anywhere, on your phone or tablet. If you’re looking for new games to try out, take a look at this list of the top 10 free mobile games you need to play right now. Each of these addicting games has received high praise from the app store and users alike. So, what are you waiting for? Download one today and start gaming!

What’s New
If you’re on a hunt for free mobile games, look no further than your mobile device’s app store. The best of what 2017 has offered in terms of gaming is found just a few taps away, and you don’t have to spend a dime. Though, with so many new apps available every day (and not enough time in our lives), choosing which game(s) are worth your valuable time is difficult. The solution? We did it for you! Here are our picks for top free mobile games of 2017, along with some recent releases that won’t disappoint.

Cut The Rope 2
Being successful in any game usually means being able to complete a task quickly, efficiently and — preferably — without having to worry about things like pesky timing. The aim of Cut The Rope 2 is similar: It’s all about getting candy into your hungry frog Om Nom’s mouth as fast as possible while trying not to step on any of his smaller buddies in order to do so. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the gameplay itself is just addictive and fun (and has a cute cartoony style that kids will love).

Metal Slug Defense
The game is a great way to kill time and get your fix of shooting, fighting, and blowing things up. It’s just as engaging and addictive as games that charge you money for those same elements. Metal Slug Defense is one of many similar titles out there, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for an entertaining game on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure your device can handle all-out mobile gaming sessions with our guide to The 10 Best Phones for Gaming .

Asphalt Xtreme
From Gameloft, Asphalt Xtreme is a gorgeous 3D racing game. It’s not for gamers who are looking for a realistic experience but if you’re looking for a fun arcade racer with lots of cool cars and customization options it’s great. If you’re looking for online multiplayer, don’t look here. But if you want single player challenges and some beautiful visuals, it can be quite rewarding. The races are pretty short as well, making it easy to fit into any gaming schedule.

Crossy Road
Like Flappy Bird, Crossy Road can be played in short bursts (or on an endless runner-style loop), but there’s a bit more variety here. In fact, at first glance it appears to be a clone of sorts, but don’t let that turn you off. This endless jumper is well worth your time.

Clash Royale
Released in March 2016, Clash Royale is a multiplayer game where players collect and upgrade cards and troops. And just like any addicting mobile game, it’s free! Gamers create decks with their favorite cards and duke it out with other online players around the world. Each player’s ultimate goal is to destroy their opponent’s towers while defending their own. Players start by choosing one of eight campaigns that provides them with more than 40 levels across four arenas, each consisting of five battles. The player must win all five rounds to advance; if they lose three rounds at any point, they must start all over again.

Marvel Contest of Champions
If you’re looking for a fighting game that’s more about beating your friends than it is beating up random enemies, Marvel Contest of Champions is a great option. The action flows very well and you have access to your full roster in a relatively short amount of time. When you first start playing, it’s all pretty basic, but as you progress, things get much deeper. Being able to customize both your characters and their special attacks offers a ton of room for growth and experimentation.

Words With Friends 2
This one’s for all you wordy people out there! Words With Friends 2 is a mobile game that involves both strategy and speed, not to mention it’s just plain fun. One of my favorite things about it is that you can play cross-platform; no need to be worried about whether your friend has an iPhone or Android device! The game also syncs between devices, so you don’t have to worry about starting over if you switch phones.