The 10 Best Offline Mobile Games to Play Anywhere, Anytime

The 10 Best Offline Mobile Games to Play Anywhere, Anytime

Offline mobile games have taken the world by storm, offering great graphics and playability even when your phone doesn’t have an internet connection. No matter where you are, you can keep yourself entertained with these offline mobile games. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best offline mobile games to make sure you don’t get bored on that long road trip or find yourself waiting in line at the DMV!

1) Monument Valley
It’s no secret that mobile games are designed to be short and sweet. Though they might not be high in replay value, many of them are artistic and well-designed enough to hold your attention for more than just a few minutes. Monument Valley is one such game; with its clean graphics and simple gameplay mechanics, it’s beautiful in its own right. The gameplay follows Ida through various levels as she tries to escape from impossible mazes and other obstacles that keep her from reaching her mother. You guide Ida through each level using only your finger as you help her past terrifying creatures made of stone or climb up enormous monuments.

2) Call of Duty Zombies
One of mobile gaming’s greatest strengths is that it allows players to take their games with them wherever they go. However, with such a huge range of fantastic titles available on Android and iOS alike it can be difficult knowing which ones are worth your time and money. So, in light of that we’ve rounded up our top ten offline mobile games. Each game is able to run on its own without internet connection and is perfect for playing while commuting or anytime you need a quick break from reality. With more titles releasing all of the time—including new entries in popular franchises—these won’t be our last picks but they’re certainly some of our favorites right now

3) Angry Birds
Angry Birds remains one of our favorite mobile games because it’s so much fun and super simple. Angry Birds is addicting because you can play a few rounds any time you have free time—at work, while riding public transportation or even while waiting in line at a store. It’s one of those pick up and play mobile games that doesn’t require too much commitment. And, unlike some other titles on our list of offline Android games , there are plenty of levels to keep you entertained for quite some time.

4) Candy Crush Saga
If you’re looking for a game that will help keep your brain sharp while keeping you entertained on your commute or in waiting rooms, look no further than King’s Candy Crush Saga. The only downside is that if you find yourself playing too much—and we mean really too much—the app has been known to interfere with work performance. If you can pull yourself away from it (seriously), grab a friend and play through some of these addictive Android games.

5) Geometry Dash Lite
Flow Free is a simple puzzle game where you connect colored dots. The rules are easy: just tap to rotate a dot 90 degrees. Match two or more of these dots and they’ll disappear. Each level introduces new obstacles and challenges that keep gameplay interesting as you progress through hundreds of puzzles. Flow Free features five modes for all skill levels, including Relax mode for those looking for a less intense challenge. The app tracks your stats so you can see how far you’ve progressed in solving each puzzle (without spoiling any answers). It’s a great time-killer when you’re on your lunch break or waiting at an airport terminal and easy enough that anyone can play.

6) Super Hexagon
In Super Hexagon you control a triangle moving around walls of hexagons. The idea is simple: navigate your way through each area while dodging oncoming obstacles. Simple in theory, but not as easy in practice; Super Hexagon can be extremely difficult and punishing. However, it also features a great soundtrack that blends electronic with pop and will keep you humming long after you’ve put your phone away for the day. In fact, Super Hexagon even made our list of best Android games for when you’re bored or killing time! If you want some hand-holding with your game – literally – try playing Pokémon GO on a treadmill or during your lunch break (we know we do). Those extra calories may just turn into Pidgeys!

7) Loopy
Imagine a mobile game so addicting you can’t stop playing it — even when you don’t have Wi-Fi or cell service. A game that lets you be social and connect with friends while sharing your high scores on Facebook. Loopy is all of that and more. It’s free and packed with fun challenges for players of all ages. Playing Loopy is like flipping cards in poker: You must make a card match an open card by selecting one of two cards, which are then both flipped over for all to see if your matches were made correctly or not. The problem?

8) Threes!
This smartly designed puzzle game is ideal for quick play on your phone. The goal of Threes! is simple: slide your fingers across numbered tiles on a grid. Arrange them in groups of three or more and they’ll vanish, earning you points based on their value. You can move only in cardinal directions—up and down or left and right—and since tiles snap into place when you put them next to another number (three tiles will combine into one), you have to think strategically about where you want those numbers placed before beginning each turn. As soon as a tile hits a four-tile maximum height, you win. But if any tile exceeds that threshold before then, it’s game over—you lose your progress and start over again at zero points.

9) QuizUp
Flow Free is a game that can be played by anyone. Even if you are new to mobile games, Flow Free is a great way to get started. It’s simple and you will start playing right away without having to complete long tutorials. A lot of thought went into making Flow Free unique in both appearance and gameplay. The goal is simple: connect matching colors with pipe-like shapes while preventing gridlock. The more tiles you clear from play, the more points you earn. However, there’s one catch – pipes don’t always connect as easily as they seem! You need to think strategically about how best to arrange each group of pipe pieces for maximum effect.

10) Flow Free
If you’re traveling or simply on a plane and want a game that won’t require constant connectivity to play (and can be played offline), consider Flow Free. It’s one of those brain games where players have to connect matching colors in different orders and directions. And while it looks simple at first glance, it can actually get quite challenging pretty quickly as more colors are added into play. Plus, it has plenty of levels for players who want some challenge. There are also plenty of in-app purchases that add more content, if you feel like paying extra for them.