The Announcement Trailer for GTA 6 Has Finally Arrived!

The Announcement Trailer for GTA 6 Has Finally Arrived!

After years of speculation and feverish debate over whether or not GTA 6 would ever see the light of day, the news everyone has been waiting for just dropped! The game’s creator, Rockstar Games, has revealed in an unprecedented announcement trailer that the next installment in the wildly popular series will be released on September 17th, 2017 – which happens to be right around the corner! This has been confirmed by several other reputable sources in addition to Rockstar’s official Twitter account as well, so you can count on this being true.

Grand Theft Auto VI Official Reveal
GTA6 is real and it’s coming out soon. Many fans weren’t sure if Rockstar would make another installment in their hit franchise, but a recent in-game GTA 5 trailer pointed to VI, suggesting that a new game would be released soon. While many are surprised at how fast Rockstar is working on a follow-up, fans couldn’t be more excited about what will be included in GTA VI. The new game will undoubtedly look better than GTA V and there have been hints of enhanced gameplay mechanics. Here’s everything we know so far

What are my thoughts on the reveal?
The announcement trailer for GTA 6 has finally arrived, but I must say that it is a bit disappointing. Rockstar has been vague about exactly when we will be seeing more of GTA 6, so I had hoped that there would be an actual release date in today’s video. Instead, they gave us a CGI scene with no dialogue and nothing to do but watch and speculate what sort of game we are going to get next. It is evident from their latest video that it will once again be set in Los Santos. However, nothing really stood out as being newsworthy or worthy of discussion because most of it was just like any other cutscene in any other GTA game. The reveal trailer did serve one purpose: It fueled my excitement to see what comes next from Rockstar Games!

What would I want in GTA VI?
Grand Theft Auto is one of my favorite video game series, so it’s no surprise that I’m anxious to hear any sort of hint about GTA VI. It’s a series that has always found ways to keep players entertained, and there are a lot of things I hope they include in GTA VI. For instance, I think it would be interesting if they included an online living option. That way people could live their lives as they normally would while doing various missions in a separate menu screen – kind of like The Sims online. Other than that, more mayhem and crime would be appreciated!

How much do you want it?
It’s been three years since GTA 5 took gaming by storm, and we still don’t have a release date for its successor. While Rockstar has said it would come out in 2017, it’s anyone’s guess when that might be. In any case, we can now get a better idea of what to expect from Grand Theft Auto 6 thanks to an announcement trailer that was released yesterday. The short clip doesn’t give away too much about what will happen in GTA 6—it does appear as though Trevor is back and still on a meth bender, though—but it does suggest that players will once again assume control of a different character at different points throughout his or her life.