The Best Free Mobile Games to Keep You entertained on the Go!

The Best Free Mobile Games to Keep You entertained on the Go!

With more and more smartphones hitting the market, it’s no surprise that there are tons of free mobile games out there. And if you’re not already familiar with some of the best games available, then you should definitely check out this list of my favorites! Best of all, these games are free to download and play, so you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on them!

Candy Crush
Whether you’re a commuter, a student or a single mother, chances are at some point in your life you will find yourself traveling – and that is when you need something to keep you occupied. Fortunately for us Android users, there are some amazing games out there that won’t cost us a penny. One such game is Candy Crush by King (yes, it comes from the same guys who created Angry Birds). In Candy Crush you get to slide pieces of candy into place until they disappear. The more pieces you manage to remove at once, and with fewer moves possible, the higher your score. It may sound simple but trust me; it gets very addictive fast!

Clash of Clans
One of my favorite games for Android (and iOS) is Clash of Clans. I’m definitely a fan of strategy games, and there’s plenty of that in CoC. It might take a little getting used to at first if you’ve never played any strategy game before, but once you figure out how it works, it can be surprisingly fun. The graphics are great, too—even though they may not be as high-quality as some other games out there. Plus, since it’s designed for smartphones and tablets (not just big-screen devices), I can play whenever I have a few minutes between meetings or flights.

If you’re a PC or Mac gamer, you know that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is one of those rare games that manages to suck up your free time. It’s easy to see why: with more than 130 cards available and multiple game modes, there’s enough replay value in Hearthstone to last you well beyond your travel time. The best part? Since it’s a Blizzard game, Hearthstone is easy for beginners and experienced gamers alike. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. (Android users can download it for free from Google Play.)

Candy Crush Soda Saga
Are you a fan of superheroes? Do you love beating your opponents using superpowers and legendary moves? If so, then Marvel Contest of Champions is just what you need. Download it from your app store today and start fighting alongside Captain America, Doctor Strange and other heroes.

Marvel Contest of Champions
This Marvel-themed mobile game has been downloaded more than 50 million times, so you know it’s a winner. It was named Game of the Year by Google Play and is available for free at Apple App Store and Google Play. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward: It’s basically an arena brawler in which players pick three characters to take into battle with other players. Each character has different abilities (some better than others) and leveling up your roster is crucial if you want to compete. Although there’s no single-player option, Marvel Contest of Champions offers endless hours of multiplayer entertainment that make it a great fit for gamers on-the-go or anyone who enjoys competitive play.

Clash Royale
Want an addictive football game that you can play for free? New Star Soccer is where it’s at. Build your player up from a small-town underdog into one of the best players in world. Want more story? Play through challenges and build your character as you progress. Not only do they have full seasons, but regular challenges help keep things interesting between games. Chances are good that if you’re reading Droid Life, then you love mobile games. So don’t let another second pass before downloading and playing New Star Soccer. It’s free, fun, and extremely addicting (trust us). Let us know how far up the ladder you get!

The classic game of monopoly offers a fun take on business simulations. Buy, trade and build your way to world domination in a modern day recreation of one of history’s most famous board games. The goal is simple: get rich or bankrupt everyone else along the way! If you love games like farmville but want something with more strategy, monopoly is an easy sell. Plus, it’s free—and designed for quick pick-up-and-play gameplay that keeps you interested even when you only have a few minutes at your disposal. It’s also available for pretty much every mobile platform you can think of: Android, Apple products and Blackberry included.

New Star Soccer
An oldie but a goodie. New Star Soccer has been around for awhile, but it’s still one of our favorites. If you’re not familiar with NSS, you play as a rising soccer star. With each passing game, your player gets better and more famous—you’ll have different challenges and goals depending on how popular you become. Over time, if you play well enough, you can get major endorsements (and therefore more money) and choose which country to represent in World Cup matches. It’s fun and addictive—one of those games that sucks away half an hour before you know it. Currently only available on iOS devices; Android is due out soon.